Coast LEED Certified

Neskowin, Oregon

Built to Enjoy the Elements

From high winds to heavy rain, the Oregon Coast is no stranger to extreme weather. This timber-frame home required materials and construction that would stand up to the harsh conditions of the region. The home was awarded the gold LEED rating and features both reclaimed materials and an energy-efficient design.

We partnered with long time mentor, Paul Jordan of Jordan Services Custom Carpentry to execute the highest quality craftsmanship for this distinctive home. Paul’s skill is unparalleled. Working with him once again was an absolute pleasure.

Featured in Fine Home Building

The clients desired a home where form, function and sustainability work in harmony. Salvaged Douglas fir and hardware from a 1938 warehouse outfitted both the structural and detail elements of the home. Following the homeowner’s design, we fashioned a handcrafted balcony railing, also from reclaimed materials.